Bulletin #1

Revised January 26, 2009

Questions and Answers

Q. What is MMSA?

A. The purpose and object of the Association shall be to establish standards of quality and performance of materials and methods for installation and use of ceramic tile and dimensional stones.

Q. Who can become a member?

A. Any corporation, firm, or individual engaged in either the
manufacture or sale of products of the industry shall be eligible
for regular membership. The number of members shall be

Q. Why is MMSA in existence?

A. MMSA was created to establish industry standards for all materials
in common usage in the ceramic tile trade, not just a few made
under a license agreement.

Q. What does MMSA do for the ceramic tile contractor?

A. MMSA serves the contractor in many ways. Representatives of MMSA
are members of the American National Standards Institute (ANSI)
A108 Committee, the Tile Council of America Handbook for Ceramic
Tile Installation Committee, and the Marble Institute of America
design manual committee. All members of MMSA share non-secret
technical data and participate in a free exchange of problems and
solutions for the betterment of the tile trade.

Q. How does an installing contractor know if a quality-conscious MMSA
member makes the material he uses?

A. Look for the MMSA Hallmark on the bag or bucket.

Q. How do MMSA Hallmarked products benefit the installing contractor?

A. He gains the assurance of using the highest quality material he can
purchase and he patronizes a manufacturer who supports his trade.