Setting Material

Membranes / Water Proofing (ANSI A118.10)

  • B-6000 Waterproof Membrane - A pre-mixed, ready-to-use waterproof membrane that can be applied by brush, roller or sprayer. Can be used over dry concrete or plywood substrates. B-6000 Also provides stress crack protection. (Bonsal American)
  • Custom® 9240 Waterproofing and Anti-Fracture Membrane - A flexible, seamless waterproofing membrane system with a liquid-applied polymer and reinforcing fabric that bonds to a variety of substrates and is ideal for heavy duty service installations. Designed for waterproofing tile and stone installations, Cust (Custom Building Products)
  • LATICRETE 9235 Waterproof Membrane - A liquid applied waterproof membrane (Laticrete International)
  • LATICRETE Hydro Ban - A roller applied waterproofing membrane (Laticrete International)
  • Mer-Krete 747 - Mer-Krete Systems Dual Membrane System provides the specifier as well as the installer with the assurance of a watertight system by using two separate waterproofing systems. (Mer-Krete Products, Inc.)
  • Mer-Krete™ HydroGuard One - ELASTOMERIC WATERPROOF MEMBRANE Hydro-Guard One is a thin, load bearing membrane composed of a modified elastomeric copolymer. With excellent elongation properties and high strength, HydroGuard One provides a 100% waterproof membrane coating. (Mer-Krete Products, Inc.)
  • Noble Deck - Exterior waterproofing and crack isolation of thin-bed stone installation. Noble Deck is a composite sheet membrane made from Chlorinated Polyethylene [CPE] with fiber laminated to both sides. Noble Deck is extremely durable and formulated to withsta (Noble Company)
  • NobleSeal TS - NobleSeal TS is a thin sheet membrane for waterproofing and crack isolation of thin-bed ceramic and stone tile installations. TS is ideal for shower floors, walls and drying areas. NobleSeal TS can be bonded to a vertical or horizontal subs (Noble Company)
  • RedGard® Waterproofing and Crack Prevention Membrane - A ready-to-use elastomeric waterproofing membrane for both commercial and residential tile and stone application. Suited for interior and exterior substrates, RedGard® creates a continuous waterproof membrane barrier with outstanding adhesion and re (Custom Building Products)
  • Schlüter®-KERDI - Schlüter®-KERDI is a waterproof membrane with limited crack-bridging capabilities. It is made of soft polyethylene, which is covered on both sides with a special fleece webbing to anchor the membrane in the tile adhesive. (Schluter Systems)
  • Strataflex Waterproof Membrane - Stragaflex is available 36" wide with 2" double stick lap joint for continuous, impervious waterproofing. Full floor coverage offers 3/8" crack-bridging protection for finished floors while waterproofing underlaying and surrounding building stractures. S (NAC Products)